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Not just a room with a balcony: Rudi Hurlzmeier

Do you know Adolph Menzel? I don’t mean personally, he died in 1905, but do you know his work?

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Watch Online: Pixar’s Presto (2008, directed by Doug Sweetland)

Presto was made by animator Doug Sweetland, who also worked on known features like Monsters, Inc., Toy Story 1+2 and The Incredibles and it’s a funny 5 minute story that doesn’t need presentation or summary.
It was nominated for the Oscar in 2008 but lost to La Maison en Petits Cubes.

The medium is the message: cliches in movie posters

I found these collages visually captivating and entertaining, considering these (cliche) posters keep appearing, same style, same colors and same films in the end… and yes, they do already contain a message in themselves (hello Marshall McLuhan!).
So take a look.

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Watch online: La Maison en Petits Cubes (2008, directed by Kunio Kato)

This beautiful hand-drawn-like animation with a strangely french name (considering it is actually japanese and its original title is Tsumiki no ie) tells the story of an old man. His house sinks in water and he adds cubes to the house, cubes on cubes on cubes, so he can stay dry. But at a point he drops his pipe and to get in back, he has to metaphorically dive all the way to the bottom of the house. And this search between “past cubes” brings back memories of his life and love. This short film was made by Kunio Kato and won an Oscar in 2008 for a good reason: it is a touching, bitter-sweet story with well chosen music and a dreamy message.

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The Earth is not flat

“If everybody could do this once, it would completely change the face of global politics, religion, education, everything…” says James May upon his return from this amazing once in a lifetime (or maybe not) trip.

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