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Looking back at the Movies That Matter 2014 – 3 films and 1 talkshow

At the end of last month I attended the Movies That Matter Festival in The Hague. I didn’t find the time to write about it until now, but better late than never.

I found the festival a bit more modest than in previous years. But even then, I still didn’t get to see everything I wanted to see. It is a full time job to organize such an event and it is also a (temporary) full time job to attend everything.

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Elin Høyland’s touching photo story of two brothers who shared everything

Harald and Mathias Ramen lived together on their family farm in Norway. Always. Initially there were the parents too and their older siblings. Not anymore.

Elin Høyland‘s photo book documents the life of these two brothers and a way of life that is lost. There is a certain austerity in these photos, a certain northern feel  and a heartbreaking last image that changes the perspective on everything.

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