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Painterly Peeks: Photos Capturing the Lives of Photographer Arne Svenson’s Unaware Neighbors

Apparently, New York photographer Arne Svenson inherited a 500 mm lens from a friend who was passionate about bird-watching. Svenson didn’t know much about birds but he put the lens to good use, taking these really beautiful pictures of his Manhattan neighbors. The neighbors weren’t as excited about the photos as I am, so guess what they did, not rocket science, they sued him. And he won. It was 2013 and a court decided that what he did – taking the photos and then exhibiting them in a nearby gallery – was something defensible under the First Amendament’s guarantee of free speech and the photos needed no consent to be made or to be sold. That’s good to know. I accidentally found this story and these amazing photos some days ago, when I started doing research for a photo project I want to pursue, a project for which I was wondering where’s the line between public and private.

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First #SpotlightRomania is a wrap!

And I’m in for a new project already, not sure which one though but I’m ready to find it or find them.

The festival was great to make, great to witness it happening and be there, and also great that we got so much positive feedback and reactions we’d never expected. The Spotlight:Romania Exhibition in GEMAK has been prolonged for another month because of all the interest it received.

And I already need to think of something new, something fresh, what to do in 2016.

It’s not only the events I want to think about, but other things too. My new photo project, writing, what to do with this blog and the mixed feelings I have about what I should do with it. It’s seems that sometimes, the fact that I have so many ideas becomes my enemy. Each project that I come up with and some of the ones that are offered to me tempt me genuinely, and I’m so not good at being realistic about time and my capacity to do everything. Because in the end this is what it’s all about, me wanting to do all of them, and then time and energy saying neeeeh, we’re much shorter/lower/unavailable than you thought. No matter how much you stretch – and I do stretch a lot – not everything can be done. And that’s something hard for me to accept. Hell knows why.

What’s for sure is that the success of Spotlight:Romania gave me a taste of the rewards an extensive project can bring me. Of the fact that you can decide to go for something, and if you pursue it systematically enough, it just might happen. A taste of what it’s like to work with people as a team – me, the one allergic to the simple mentioning of the term, always willing to take over and do things by myself – this time it was good and enjoyable and it gave me energy and a certain feeling of belonging. And yes, the project gave me self-confidence and made me more humble and grateful at the same time. A good combination for the spirit and for the future.

I think I’m ready for holiday already. And for 2016.

And here’s a video of the opening of Spotlight:Romania. My speech included.


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