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A World of Emotion and Essence: The Enchanted Art of Katherine Bradford

Truth is, I quite often find consolation in words and in art, and these days I’ve been in special need of both. Luckily, I found Katherine Bradford‘s work.

The story is that I wake up every morning at 7 in a country that is too close to the North to be good this time of the year. It is dark and windy and rainy outside, and every morning feels like a brutality. Every morning I wish a miracle would happen and somehow I could continue sleeping. I commute every day by train to a city called Dordrecht, a pretty place, where my day job is. And by the time that work is finished and I come home, it’s already dark again. So every one of these winter days, I feel a physical need to be in the sunshine and there’s a distinct kind of numbness that accompanies me throughout the day. Or so it was, until I found this special world for my mind to escape in.

I don’t think too many words are necessary, the eyes are actually enough. But in the train I read this interview Jeniffer Samet did with Katherine Bradford this year,  and if you find magic in her work as I do, it’s a really nice read. Some of the things she says in this interview stayed with me for the days after I read them. And somehow everything she says seems such a natural completion to all the feelings and thoughts these paintings give me. ‘If anything, I’m making paintings about enchantment’ she says. And she certainly does.













Photo source – last photo : Pencil in the Studio.

All others photos taken from Hyperallergic or the artist’s website.

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