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It doesn’t get more bitter-sweet than this: Mark Nixon’s portraits of old teddy bears

Have you ever noticed how many stories an object from your past can tell? How those stories become alive once you rediscover an item long lost? We live our lives surrounded by objects and they’re not just things, but significant things. They absorb our lives. And they keep it there for later remembrance. And this photo project is the best illustration of this.

Today I found Much Loved, this photo project with old teddy bears who’ve seen war = many years of life with someone small. And they lived to tell the story.  The book – which I just ordered – tells their written stories next to their photos. How could something be more bitter-sweet? Marc Nixon and I could probably resonate somewhere somehow since he made a project that feels so personal to me.

mark-nixon-much-loved-1© Mark Nixon

mark-nixon-much-loved-4© Mark Nixon

mark-nixon-much-loved-8© Mark Nixon

much_loved_mark_nixon_designsekcja_6-650x910© Mark Nixon

Much-Loved-Photographic-series-by-Mark-Nixon-6-650x910© Mark Nixon

url© Mark Nixon

much-loved-mark-nixon7© Mark Nixon

mark-nixon-much-loved-8© Mark Nixon

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