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Medieval Emoticons: the Delights of Seeing Art from Long Ago in a (Funny) New Light

I’m a big fan of medieval art and representations. That’s especially when they are cherry picked around a subject. I previously loved these Ugly Reinaissance Babies, now I’m absorbed by these ‘Medieval emoticons‘, and in general by the website where I found them. Discarding Images is a real treat.

I think most of us would recognize medieval art in the blink of an eye. Or not? Maybe not. Well, for those you who don’t know much – not that I’m an expert – you should know that most medieval art is religious. It comes from a time when religion was not an option, God’s existence was not a question and a lot of abuses and cruelties happened out of faith. Those actions that we nowvcategorize as religious extremism…those were the rule back then, backed by a strong church and by the king.

And I find these collections of cherry picked art so cool perhaps simply because Medieval times were extremly religious (read Christian by the way) times. Decontextualizing this art that is what remains of that world, and connecting it to something so modern and secular and prosaic issues like…emoticons, or kids being ugly. Doing that gives it a fresh air, some humor and a spark of curiousness.

Please check Discarding Images, it’s full of treasures. And for more emoticons, Medieval ones, of course, see here.















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