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Not just a room with a balcony: Rudi Hurlzmeier

Do you know Adolph Menzel? I don’t mean personally, he died in 1905, but do you know his work?

Well, if I told you he was one of the most proeminent german artists of the 19th century it would sound as plain and lifeless as an art history school book. More “spicy” (and suitable for a blog) might be to say that he had a very big head and was very short (about 1,35 m but I might be exaggerating). Anyway, see below his “Room with a balcony”. A classic.

I’ll skip the extra information about it and I get straight to where I was going when I thought of posting this.
I recently discovered with great pleasure (oh yes) that in these times where everything can be transformed into something else and every image and cultural item of any sort can have a new meaning, someone was truly inspired by this painting, only that it added a bit more imagination. I’m talking about German artist (yes, also a German), Rudi Hurzlmeier. He’s a painter, a cartoonist and an author and below you can see the new “Room with a balcony” plus some other works of his.
And if you’re enjoying this, you should see Michael Sowa as well.

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