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Dear diary…

This Notebook section is my space to write about more personal stuff. About how yesterday, for example, I was stressed out and couldn’t do any work so I hid in the cinema and watched Gone Girl and loved the film and the fact that I was all alone there, sitting in the last row. Notebook is also space to write about the stuff I see in my back yard and on the street, about the books I read, observations I make, photos I randomly find and so on.

1 Marc Riboud

So here’s my favorite thing to look at right now, taken by Marc Riboud, a french photographer who traveled across Asia in the ’50s and the ’60s (and survived to tell the story). He went to Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, China, and Japan, and his photos are at the Rubin Museum right now, in New York and that’s not useful information for me at all, since I live straight across the ocean from New York.

PS. I excluded the Notebook section from the main blog feed because it’s a notebook, you have to look at it by yourself if curious.

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