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That’s an old name and an old poster. This year’s version of IDFA DocLab conference was called Immersive Reality. We’re moving a scary step forward.


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  • I know where your cat lives!I know where your cat lives! Basically the title says is all. I know and everyone knows. And now you can know where other people's cats live too, there's an app to help you with that kind of knowledge. Ingenious idea, […]
  • Last day of 2014.Last day of 2014. I'm ready. Ready for two things: to go back to The Netherlands (in a couple of hours) and to start 2015 (in just a little bit more than a couple of hours). The first thing is almost […]
  • IDFA DocLab: Virtual Reality experienceIDFA DocLab: Virtual Reality experience My first Virtual Reality experience was pretty intense and pretty nauseating. Yet, I didn't stop, I wanted to go through everything to be able to write about it (I'll do it soon). One […]
  • IDFA2014 (part I): Six new docs you shouldn’t missIDFA2014 (part I): Six new docs you shouldn’t miss This year's IDFA had a lot of interesting stuff, including some new program sections like The Female Gaze, about women and their fingerprints on the genre; Of Media and Men of which the […]
  • To do list:To do list: 1. Get a dog, or better, get many dogs. 2. Get a car. 3. Pack books, laptop and tent. 3. Run away . 4. Meanwhile, before everything is ready: Better Call Saul.
  • I met someone very special.I met someone very special. Last night. I went with a friend to watch the documentary The Free Voice of Egypt (directed by Konstanze Burkard) at the Movies That Matter Festival. I knew she would be there for a […]

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