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Beautiful or creepy? Portraits of Erna and Hrefna, two young twins from Iceland

They might have a special connection, get the same grades and have to same dreams, but to me these airy photos of Erna and Hrefna, twins from Iceland… well, they’re rather creepy. I don’t even have to explain why, I mean we’ve all seen enough horror films. Of which one do they remind you?

But the photos do hold a certain beauty, and the idea behind them is also rather touching. Japanese photographer Ariko Inaoka travels every summer to photograph these young ladies. She met them when they were 6 and hopes to keep taking photos of them until they are 16, which means 2 years to go. The idea is beautiful, but the outcome is strange, because looking at these photos I get the feeling that the project is not about them, but about what the photographer can make of them and their relationship. It’s not a portrayal but an interpretation. And a strange one because it doesn’t link to them being so close, it only links a lot to the horror cinema visual vocabulary. And even then, why do they have broken necks in so many of these photos?











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