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Beauty from above: the aerial photos of Kacper Kowalski

Kacper Kowalski is my new discovery. Reminding of Edward Burtynsky’s Watermark and Manufactured Landscapes, Kowalski’s photos are an eye-candy and a reminder of the beauty we inhabit. Polish and also some sort of wonder-man, Kowalski is an architect, a designer, a pilot and a photographer, all in one. And he’s the living proof that nothing is lost when you switch from one profession to another. His love for architecture and design is reflected in these almost too good to be true aerial photos he takes.

We long for different angles, other than those of the small scale quotidian. I think it’s in our human nature to be fascinated by grandiose open spaces, beautiful colors and top of the mountain views. And Kowalski’s photos are a mix of all that, and from an angle most people don’t ever get to see with their own eyes. “As a photographer, I use the language of drawing — and just like with architecture, my audience is wide and my subject is civilization” says Kowalski for Time LightBox. Indeed, his photos seem perfectly drawn by nature or man, and carefully observed by the photographer.

But just observing is not enough for Kowalski, not anymore. So he recently began to make composite images of different photos, to mix his imagination and reality all in one.

For more stunning aerial photography, check also Zack Seckler’s photos in Botswana.


fot. Kacper Kowalski /




Toxic Beauty



All images © Kacper Kowalski

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