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Break-up: a photo series illustrating the inner phases of letting go

I didn’t break up with Mr M. and it’s no longer November, but both have nothing to do with how personal this photo series is and feels. I saw these photos some time ago and then I forgot the name of the photographer, the name of the series, I only remembered some keywords: women, break-up, feelings and Paris. And of course, I remembered the strong images that link these keywords: images of women, and their feelings after breaking up with the one they loved. In Paris. In the end the mix of words was enough to re-find Laura Stevens‘ photo project called Another November.

She started taking these (staged) photos after someone important to her left her life. And I swear I can recognize every single mood, and I can empathize with every single woman in these photos. Because I’ve been there. And probably you too, so you will see it, those moments when time stays still and everything seems so equally unimportant.

‘Following the ending of a significant relationship in my life, an undoing began. Whilst adjusting to being a single woman, I started to create a photographic narrative based on the experience of losing love. I began directing other women to portray the gradual emotional and circumstantial stages (as well as the well-trodden track of the broken-hearted). By constructing images of the evolving chapters of loss and renewal, I gave myself a vantage point from which to view the changes occurring in me’ says Laura Stevens for LensCulture.

And here’s the soundtrack for these photos.


'Lily' - Another November


'Christiana' - Another November




'Jessica' - Another November

'Katherine' - Another November

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