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Capuchin monkeys get old too: Isa Leshko’s portraits of aging animals

Animals are getting old too. This is what it looks like. There’s also certain ‘this is how it feels like’ in these images. There’s a certain tenderness and something tactile, and I wonder whether it is only me feeling like stroking all of these ‘elderly guys’.

Years before this project, Isa Leshko took care of both of her parents for a year. Her mother has Alzheimer’s disease. At that time she deliberately decided not to photograph her family and somehow knew this would come back at a point in her work.

I saw old animals before. Horses and dogs and cats. I lost a very dear cat as well. But I’m not sure chicken and sheep and pigs get old these days. Their cycle of life is not so often a cycle. I find this something to think and reflect upon.

Elderly Animals: Photographs by Isa Leshko from Walley Films on Vimeo.

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