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If you’re not home, they are: photos of animals living in abandoned houses

It’s almost worth leaving your home to see what happens. This photo project made my day today. The thought of these curious faces appearing from around the corner might be frightening for some. But to me it seems delicious!

I bet these little guys don’t care so much about furniture style or other arrangements. They just make a place theirs and Finnish photographer Kai Fagerström captured that in these amazing and touching photos.

via Feature Shoot.

Fagerstrom_24© Kai Fagerström

kai-fagerstrc3b6m2© Kai Fagerström

main531© Kai Fagerström

main532© Kai Fagerström

main554© Kai Fagerström

main605© Kai Fagerström

main606© Kai Fagerström

main607© Kai Fagerström

main653© Kai Fagerström

timthumb.php© Kai Fagerström

TvyamNb-BivtNwcoxtkc5xGBuGkIMh_nj4UJHQKuqqZUFQ1UcO9WEZk2li_nKnkKsINMNB205xg7© Kai Fagerström

1111© Kai Fagerström

222© Kai Fagerström

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