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Jack and the beanstalk: mesmerizing photos of Hong Kong’s flats

I have a friend who came to The Netherlands from Hong Kong and she was surprised that here you can see the stars at night. Apparently, in Hong Kong that is quite a luxury because of the light pollution. If to that you add the sight of these enormously high flats and the knowledge that the place is one of the most densely populated places on earth, you get a mental picture of this unique and crowded place. And to complete those mental pictures, see some real pictures below.

I grew up in Romania where the communist regime built a vast number of high grey ugly flats. They fit my idea of ‘ugly’ and it’s difficult to see them differently. But Australian photographer Peter Stewart, who took these photos, looked at these flats with outsider eyes and did manage to see new angles. As he says, they are a creative eye on something monotonous. Yet, what strikes me the most, more than the aesthetic and the mesmerizing view, is a certain claustrophobic feeling I get when I look at these photos.







via Bored Panda.

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