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Pay attention: portrays of an orangutan and all that magic point to an environmental issue in Indonesia

Look what I found! This chimp – Man of the Forest, photographed by Ernest Goh touched me and made me wonder. Yes, I know, you’ll say Bianca, this is precisely what you talked about in your previous post. It’s called anthropomorphism and this is what you’re doing right now. And how could I deny that? And eventually…why not? As long as we see, and feel and keep in mind that it’s more than ‘just a monkey‘. He is much more. And he’s in danger.

These images have been part of an environmental campaign made by the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Project (see the end of the page too) against palm oil companies deliberately setting the Tripa peat swamp on fire. More information here as well.


He’s paying attention.


And something catches his eye.


What does he hear?


What does he hear?


Who does he love?


How does he dream?urlWhat would this touch feel like?


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