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Photographic Darkrooms: Michel Campeau’s Photos of a Disappearing and Often Romanticized World

I think most people have seen darkrooms in films, where they can seem this mysterious places where pictures come to life. Film characters are either developing their films there because they’re artists, or is their craft or perhaps because they’ll reveal a secret this way. But truth is hardly anyone uses darkrooms anymore. Truth is they’re smelly places, far less charming than portrayed in movies. Truth is photographer Michel Campeau documents a world that is disappearing.

Campeau travelled all over the world for these photos, from Toronto to Havana, Paris, Berlin and Ho Chi Minh and many others. I think, judging by the last photo, he’s been to at least a muslim country as well. And as analog photos are quickly disappearing – it’s also becoming so complicated to find supplies for it – Campeau’s book becomes a documentation of a place where the magic behind any photo used to happen.










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