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The comfort of taking a break from being you: Tom Broadbent’s portraits of Furries in their homes

What you do when you’re a Furry is that you dress up as a fluffy character and you meet up with other fluffy characters and you chat and have and hang around. You can also do other things, like you dress up as a fluffy character and then go fishing, or cut a leek or iron your stuff. What you don’t do is two things: reveal your identity and talk to journalists. I think there’s something liberating in being a cartoon and I am currently looking for something liberating, so I am considering becoming a Furry journalist, perhaps I’d be the first ever. And perhaps Tom Broadbent will add me to his collection of photos of people who like to dress up like this.

His project is ongoing so newcomers might be welcome, even though most of his subjects live in the UK.

Apart from this, you know how I loved Klaus Pichler’s Just The Two of Us, or maybe you don’t know, it’s one of my favourite series of photos and I do see a lot of photos. It’s my favourite because it’s unusual, almost out of this world and it’s arty and it also feels intrusive. It mixes documentation and aesthetics. Now Broadbent’s project is far less artistic, feels more like just guys in costumes, but yet it’s curious and fun.










At Home With The Furries

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