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The Middle of Nowhere, the Mist and the Longing: a Series of Photos from Around the Wadden Sea

I really really miss being in a forest. I felt it today, really strong, didn’t recognize it at first but then I realized what it was. I miss the forest and therefore I miss home. Back home where I’m from. Romania. The misty days. The trees and the smells. And that certain feeling of having reached an end of the world. And strangely enough, this feeling reminded me of Henrik Emtkjær Hansen‘s photos from around the Wadden Sea.

I’ve been loving this photo series for a long time and kept it under the pillow for later. For when I’d feel homesick. These photos resonate so much with my longing not because what they capture is very similar to what I miss. I miss a place that’s thousands of kilometers away from the Wadden Sea. Yet the photos speak to me because of their feel and their poetry. There’s magic in places that make it seem like you reached an end of the world. And I’ve always been driven towards this magic.

For more about the series, check Feature Shoot.





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