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The pack: photos of working dogs in New Zeeland

This might be the shortest post I have ever written. This week I didn’t manage to put anything new on Passepartout. There’s IDFA (and I will write about it later in the week) and there’s me being busy with all sorts of other stuff. And it seems like even Andrew Fladeboe‘s working dogs seem to get more time for themselves. There’s work and then there’s play, and these loyal shepherds are good at both.

I found this on Feature Shoot, so for everything about this series check this link.

ShepherdontheCliffThe Shepherd’s Lookout, 2014

thePackLeader of the Pack, 2014

ScooterScooter Backing Sheep, 2014

coverOver the Mountain, 2014

FinbarFinbar of Dunedin, Search and Rescue Dog, 2014

GusGus of Lochiel Station, Huntaway, 2014

JazzJazz of Stonewood Farm, German Shorthaired Pointer, 2014

LassLass of Slope Point, Heading Dog, 2014

Leo_of_Te_HapuLeo of Te Hapu, Huntaway, 2014

NedHuntawayNed of Hiburn, Huntaway, 2014

Through_the_caveThe Cave, 2014

SunsetSunset, 2014

All images © Andrew Fladeboe

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