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The stuffed employees: photos behind the scenes of the natural history museum in Vienna

Klaus Pichler is by far one of my favorite photographers. I love the unusual subjects he finds and the way he makes those subjects seem even more curious and interesting than they are in the first place. I previously wrote about him and his Just the Two of Us series of portraits of cosplayers and their homes (cosplayers are those people who dress up like all sorts of characters). And now here is Skeletons in the Closet, a look behind Vienna’s Museum of Natural History, in those rooms where stuffed animals pile up (and come alive at night?).

You don’t have to be a taxidermy lover to find these photos interesting and surprising. Apparently Pichler discovered the wonders behind the scenes accidentally, when he stumbled upon an illuminated room of the museum while going home one evening. And while taking the photos, he often had the feeling these animals come to life, a feeling that he actually managed to capture in the images.



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All images © Klaus Pichler

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