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What’s it made of: close-ups on animals’ skin that make you want to touch (or not)

Yusuke Sakai got a simple idea, and as usual, the simple ideas are the most touching. For Skins, he photographed just that, the ‘skins’ of different animals, so close you can see the texture, can imagine what it might feel like to touch. It is a somehow peculiar experience to look at these photos, because they make these animals come closer and at the same time become somehow alien. Some I’d like to touch, some I rather not and either way I can already feel on my fingertips the sensation I could have.

The charm of the series is both in this tactile sensations you get by looking and in the intimate-yet-alien feeling this close-up perspective gives.



3AfricanFlamingoAfrican Flamingo

4ChineseponyChinese Pony






6AsiaticblackbearAsiatic black bear


8JapanesedeerJapanese deer

9KingpenguinKing penguin

10BactriancamelBactrian camel

11WhitebearWhite bear


13ArabianCamelArabian camel



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