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What nature made and a keen eye can find: the hall of fame of stones with human faces

You might not be impressed, but I am. I just discovered there is a Japanese museum of rocks that look like human faces. I used to own some of these, who knows where they ended up. If only I knew about this place.

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Human/Animals: a portrayal of the many nuances our relationship with animals has

Corey Arnold is a photographer and a professional fisherman. I don’t know how being a photographer influences the fishing, but how his fisherman life impacted his photography, well, that’s very clear. In his photo series Human Animals he portrays the complex relationship we have with animals and points at things we often ignore, don’t think of, consider normal. The photos are great especially because there’s something raw and honest in many of them, something uncomfortable and yet true. The big picture is actually made by the puzzle of all these human-animal relation instances he photographed. And there’s a bit of all of us in this big picture.

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