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Capuchin monkeys get old too: Isa Leshko’s portraits of aging animals

Animals are getting old too. This is what it looks like. There’s also certain ‘this is how it feels like’ in these images. There’s a certain tenderness and something tactile, and I wonder whether it is only me feeling like stroking all of these ‘elderly guys’.

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DOF Magazine: The Black Cat Issue

The oldest (known) cat pawprints

Medievalist Emir O.Filipovic found these inky pawprints on a page of the 13th volume of ”Lettere e comissioni di Levante’, a collection of letters and instructions that the Dubrovnik government sent to its merchants and envoys throughout southeast Europe. In short, an official 15th century Federal Register.

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Animals in the Womb

When I first saw these photos, I thought that’s a place where the camera shouldn’t be. These animals look so fragile that the photos make me want to hold my breath, not to interfere in any way.

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The Orvillecopter!

I’m not sure how I feel about this, but I’m so surprised that I have to post it.
The story is like this: Bart Jansen had a tomcat. His name was Orville. Orville was ran over by a car. So he became the Orvillecopter.
Bart didn’t say good-bye to Orville and transformed him into this art/kitsch/tech/i don’t know what piece that was recently presented at the KunstRAI art fair.

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Old CDs metamorphosis: the art of Sean Avery

Sean Avery is an artist and an illustrator for children’s books. And he’s the one turning old CDs into these animals. They look a bit kitsch and don’t invite touching. And since I find kitsch unfairly unappreciated and I have a geeky interest in things made of non-conventional stuff, I found these animals worth looking at.

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