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A map of the most photographed places on Earth in 2013

Mid-December, Instagram released a list of the most photographed places in the World. The winning location is somehow sadly…a shopping mall in Bangkok.

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‘Just the Two of Us’ – Klaus Pilcher’s portraits of cosplayers in their homes

I knew about people dressing up as manga characters. I knew about their gatherings. But for some reason, I didn’t know they were called cosplayers. Cosplaying is not only about manga, but in general about dressing up as a character of a movie, book or video game. Becoming someone else for a while is a way of breaking free from a stressful or unsatisfactory life. And some of the cosplayers spend months making their costumes.

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Seat Assignment – 15th century Flemish style portraits taken in plane lavatory

This project is delicious! Nina Katchadourian took these 15th century Flemish style self-portrays in the plane lavatory during flights. She got the idea spontaneously while on a domestic flight in 2010, she took the photos with her cell phone and there’s really nothing else than this lady playing with toilet paper and other things found in the lavatory.

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Rubber Duckie travels the World

This Rubber Duck travels the World. Designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, Rubber Duck appeared in different places, from Sydney to Sao Paolo and from Hong Kong to Pittsburgh.

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Achim Lippoth’s Visual Story of a Boy, a Stuffed Elephant and Their Friendship

The oldest (known) cat pawprints

Medievalist Emir O.Filipovic found these inky pawprints on a page of the 13th volume of ”Lettere e comissioni di Levante’, a collection of letters and instructions that the Dubrovnik government sent to its merchants and envoys throughout southeast Europe. In short, an official 15th century Federal Register.

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Watch Online Animation: Walt Disney and Salvador Dali’s surrealist animation

What does Walt Disney and Salvador Dali have in common? Nothing, you might think. But that’s not true. Between 1945 and 1946 Salvador Dali collaborated with Walt Disney’s John Hench on an animated film called Destino.

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Poland Flavour in Images – The Work of Tomasz Wiech

Tomasz Wiech just made my day. “Poland is a country of endless Carnival and great disappointment. The Carnival is obvious, and the disappointment is explicable, because things were expected to be different” he said. And I have the feeling I know what he means.

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The art of making the common surprising

Gilbert Legrand transforms common usual objects into characters. After you see these surprising transformations, your tap can never be just a tap, your brush just a brush.

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The Orvillecopter!

I’m not sure how I feel about this, but I’m so surprised that I have to post it.
The story is like this: Bart Jansen had a tomcat. His name was Orville. Orville was ran over by a car. So he became the Orvillecopter.
Bart didn’t say good-bye to Orville and transformed him into this art/kitsch/tech/i don’t know what piece that was recently presented at the KunstRAI art fair.

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Not just a room with a balcony: Rudi Hurlzmeier

Do you know Adolph Menzel? I don’t mean personally, he died in 1905, but do you know his work?

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The medium is the message: cliches in movie posters

I found these collages visually captivating and entertaining, considering these (cliche) posters keep appearing, same style, same colors and same films in the end… and yes, they do already contain a message in themselves (hello Marshall McLuhan!).
So take a look.

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The Earth is not flat

“If everybody could do this once, it would completely change the face of global politics, religion, education, everything…” says James May upon his return from this amazing once in a lifetime (or maybe not) trip.

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When books are not for reading: please try this at home

I recently found three artists with three different ways and styles of changing books into something unexpected. So here is what you can do with your old dull shelves of books.

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Old CDs metamorphosis: the art of Sean Avery

Sean Avery is an artist and an illustrator for children’s books. And he’s the one turning old CDs into these animals. They look a bit kitsch and don’t invite touching. And since I find kitsch unfairly unappreciated and I have a geeky interest in things made of non-conventional stuff, I found these animals worth looking at.

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Cherry picked ‘spam’: fly around in four distant places

I get tens of mails everyday from family and friends. Those kind that quote the Dalai Lama, that tell a sexist joke, ask me to share a drama, or they show me a cheesy power point with emotional text at the end, asking me to send it to five friends in the next hours.

Yesterday I got this. And this was something I didn’t regret opening. It’s a 360 tour of (I selected) four places, a bit of eye candy and a bit of curiousness. The latest because even though the view is three dimensional, the places are ‘frozen’ and yet so real.

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Manufactured Landscapes (2006, directed by Jeniffer Baichwal)

I don’t think anyone can have the vaguest idea of the scale, extent and impact of industrialization on the Earth, until they see Edward Burtynsky’s photos and this amazing documentary. In Manufactured Landscapes, large scale changes of the environment have a bitter beauty and it’s something of their massiveness that’s necessary to perceive in order to get it. Get what? Get a mind image of what we talk about when we talk about over-consumption, overly-populated cities, about way too cheap labor force and about the price of being an ‘individual consumer’.

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This must be underwater dog

Seth Casteel is not only a photographer but also a genuine animal lover. He took these unusual photos of which you can see more on his website. Casteel not only exhibits his work, but also promotes giving animals a second chance through adoption.

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Renaissance Chucky: ‘the kids are not alright’

Something went wrong. Terribly wrong. Not sure it was the painter’s dubious imagination or the ‘little sweethearts’ that served as inspiration. Too late to find that out.  Read more…


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