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Inappropiate: amazing photos of endless winter seen in august

I know, this is totally out of place. Unless you’re living in Australia, you now look outside your window and it’s still summer. But I cannot help posting these amazing photos of winter and snow. Their feeling of immensity and quietness makes me homesick and makes me long for those winter days when I’m back to my parents’ place and I look outside the window in the morning and it’s cold, white and quiet. You must understand.

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Eastern loneliness: the story of Lida and Mikhail and a life in the shadow of Chernobyl

Meet Lida and Mikhail Masanovitz, a couple living in the desolate ghost town of Redkovka, Ukraine. The town is located 35 km away from the Chernobyl reactor that exploded in 1986, causing the worst nuclear catastrophe ever known. Lida and Mikhail are some of the few residents of the town, a place classified as ‘zone two’, meaning a place too dangerous for anyone to be living there.

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