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The 6 AM project, decluttering and some other enthusiastic experiments

There are no other enthusiastic plans. Just these two, but it sounded good for the title. Anyway, these two are quite a handful. Let me tell.

The 6 AM project means I will wake up at 6 AM every day, or at least every week day, in an attempt to enlarge my day, my perception of time and bottom line my writing, reading and other things that I actually love time. Running included. Having this time is essential for my inner peace and balance, and since lately my schedule got so cluttered, well, I plan to de-clutter it. I had so little time lately that when I actually did get some space to do something, I got so stressed out, wanting to maximize those moments that in the end… I didn’t do much. So 6 AM. You know all that theory about habit forming, give it 30 days, etc. Well, I don’t know that.

Now decluttering is my new favorite word. It’s because I really am doing that. I have too many of many things and I am in the process of selecting them and donating them. Now my heart doesn’t do well with these things. Objects make me remember, they literally lock stories for me and unlock them when I look at them. They keep the stories I forget and then I keep them to keep the stories. And yet, there should always be new space, for new stories, right?

Now here’s the thing, I actually bought a book to help me in this process. Yes, someone actually wrote a book about cleaning and tidying with skill and grace, it’s a Japanese woman that cuts through people’s labyrinth of stuff and won’t stop until it’s all finished, labyrinth gone. The book is called prophetically – The Life-changing Magic of Tidying – and her name is Marie Kondo and she actually patented her method of cleaning. Imagine that I’ve only been reading the first chapter and I already got rid of two huge bags of clothes. So it works. It’s magic. It’s Marie Kondo who loved housewives magazines since she was a kid. Admitting that and making cleaning a job…how eccentric is that in a housewives-are-not-cool world?



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