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IDFA DocLab: Virtual Reality experience

My first Virtual Reality experience was pretty intense and pretty nauseating. Yet, I didn’t stop, I wanted to go through everything to be able to write about it (I’ll do it soon). One thing that’s particularly interesting besides the experience itself, is what people think VR does or has the potential to do with our minds, and societies, and ethics and everything else. Follow up on the topic soon.



I know where your cat lives!

Basically the title says is all. I know and everyone knows. And now you can know where other people’s cats live too, there’s an app to help you with that kind of knowledge. Ingenious idea, I love cats, works for me, take a look.

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That’s an old name and an old poster. This year’s version of IDFA DocLab conference was called Immersive Reality. We’re moving a scary step forward.



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