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A World of Emotion and Essence: The Enchanted Art of Katherine Bradford

Truth is, I quite often find consolation in words and in art, and these days I’ve been in special need of both. Luckily, I found Katherine Bradford‘s work.

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17th Century Dutch Humor and What Hid Behind an Apparently Inoffensive Bush

The truth always prevails my dears, that’s what I have to tell you! They tried to cover it up in this 1643 Isack van Ostade’s A Village Fair with a Church Behind painting, and they painted a bush on top of it. But 100 years later, curators spotted the fake, took it off, and revealed the true “artist’s intentions”: a pooper with a dog looking at him. In 1903 when the bush was painted on top of this shameless little fellow, it seemed more appropriate to go about doing such business in a bush I guess. But in the 16th and 17th century this kind of potty jokes in art were apparently quite popular. You don’t have to be a high-brow art lover to appreciate old Dutch paintings, you can also be a ‘Where is Wally?‘ fan and spot for the twist behind them.

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Mimi Revencu’s world: cats, houses and the power of colors

These paintings come from somewhere very very close to me. So close that I have actually been around when some of them were painted. And that’s because the painter, Mimi Revencu, is my mom. She made art since she was young, then for years she did not. And in a twisted moment, when my uncle died, something changed. She went back to painting and ever since then – many years ago – she has been painting almost every single day. She defines her style as Mirabilism and every day, stroke after stroke, she creates a colorful world, full of energy.

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Sugar and spice: the enchanted art of Leszek Kostuj

I discovered these surrealist paintings this morning. I woke up to one of those greyish Dutch days, when the pavement and the sky seem to blend. The contrast with this enchanted world felt quite amazing. Looking outside and then looking at this bunch of surprising and unusual characters, I wished I could spend the day in one of these paintings. Not sure which one in particular, since each one tells a different story.

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Quint Buchholz

There’s so much space: the surreal art of Quint Buccholz

I recently discovered these airy and surreal images made by German painter and illustrator Quint Buccholz. I found them surprising, sometimes funny and sometimes truly touching.

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Old-Age Bitter-Sweetness With a Splash of Humor: The Surprising Paintings of Marius van Dokkum

I discovered Marius van Dokkum in a postcard shop, between mountains of ‘happy birthday’ and ‘get well soon’ cards. I found out later that Dokkum’s cards were made after his paintings.

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Renaissance Chucky: ‘the kids are not alright’

Something went wrong. Terribly wrong. Not sure it was the painter’s dubious imagination or the ‘little sweethearts’ that served as inspiration. Too late to find that out.  Read more…

michael-sowa-pig-in-soup (1)

The land of pigs and bunnies with truly unexpected behaviors: the surprising art of Michael Sowa

Michael Sowa paintings are absurd. Surreal. Astonishing and captivating. And funny. All together. I discovered him accidentally. That kind of accident when you discovered something that made your eyes become bigger for a moment or two. And then your heart beats a bit faster. Read more…


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