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All work and no play – the weekend and its treats

This weekend I reached the obvious conclusion that I don’t have a normal life rhythm. Although my day begins early, nothing stops when it normally stops for other people, and almost nothing happens in the classic parameters of a normal person’s life. Same with weekends, work doesn’t stop in the weekend for me and I often have no concept of ‘it’s Saturday, I should go out’. In fact this Saturday I wrote until 3 in the night. At the same time I do have the luxury to hide in the cinema in the middle of the week or take a Tuesday off just like that.

This weekend I re-read part of my favorite short story book – A Thousand Years of Good Prayers written by Yiyun Li – and a good part of Dostoevsky’s Notes from the Underground, which until now I find partly insightful into human nature and partly terribly disturbing, the result of a circular messed-up mind (the character or the writer himself?) that makes perfectly coherent thoughts most of us only occasionally have.

And I did make a couple of discoveries, one of the most significant being this great TV-series, The Affair. I already watched everything there is to watch, only 4 episodes by now, 5th one comes today and I look forward to it. Well built, well chosen actors, at least Alison, played by Ruth Wilson, certainly is versatile and can play with her role and with my emotions. And the story avoids all the cheap excitement that usually surrounds affairs in films. So see the trailer. See the film.

Off working on my little festival.


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