Passepartout is all about documentaries and visual stuff I find worth seeing.

I’m a freelance journalist and I write about documentaries and photography because I love them.

This is my personal blog, which a dear friend recently described as ‘Bia’s quirky take on visual stuff’. I thought this description is what I’d really like Passepartout to be, some sort of notebook, a place for the things that catch my eye and my mind, one that reflects my interest and curiosity.

I love photo essays, travel journals, documentary photos and photojournalism, lo-fi and cinematic stuff and documentary films. And I love art and I love kitsch and the mix of the two. Everything seasoned with my love for animals, curious things, remote places, nostalgia and the Eastern European feel.

So thank you for stepping by, and I hope you will discover something new to see or to read or to explore, or that you will find a couple of ideas to take with you.

If you have suggestions, comments or exclamation marks, please send them my way. I will write back.

Read some of my articles in DOX magazine, METRO, Point of View Magazine, Film (RO), The Holland Times,, Think Outside the Box (RO), Dilema Veche (RO).

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