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Mimi Revencu’s world: cats, houses and the power of colors

These paintings come from somewhere very very close to me. So close that I have actually been around when some of them were painted. And that’s because the painter, Mimi Revencu, is my mom. She made art since she was young, then for years she did not. And in a twisted moment, when my uncle died, something changed. She went back to painting and ever since then – many years ago – she has been painting almost every single day. She defines her style as Mirabilism and every day, stroke after stroke, she creates a colorful world, full of energy.

Her work has been admired all over Europe and in the United States, and everyone who gets to stand in front of one of her paintings says the painting has a vibe, one of energy and optimism. She mixes different elements, including traditional Romanian symbols and patterns.

A small note: that the quality of the photos/camera differ sometimes. If some colors seem pale, it’s just the photo not making justice to the painting.

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