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The kitsch update: Zarathustra – the obese cat – improving some famous paintings

I really really think kitsch is underestimated. And Svetlana Petrova’s huge red cat stays proof of that! There’s something so hilariously-disturbing in seeing these collages, that they really blow my mind. And someone who comes up with the idea of adding an obese cat called Zarathustra to Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, well, that’s someone I’d like to meet.

Going back to kitsch being underestimated, well, there’s so little written about it and it’s always regarded as something unacceptable. But I disagree. There’s something charming in bad taste and kitsch has such a surprise element in its nature that it never fails to fascinate me. It makes a dull day better and I can stare for a very long time at it. Kitsch is fun and curious and often so terrible that it’s almost brilliant. Some time ago I actually thought of having a kitsch section on this blog and post at least the photos I take of kitschy things I find, if not research for ‘the good stuff’.

Anyway, until I do that, I present you…Zarathustra. She hasn’t spoken but for sure she has eaten a lot.













And if you didn’t have enough, there’s more here.

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