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This simple feeling of comfort: the art of Frances Baruch

I cannot remember what I was searching for when I came across Frances Baruch‘s work. What I remember is this feeling of comfort I had looking at the pictures of her gentleness-inspiring ceramic work of people and animals. It was that feeling I sometimes have when I discover something that resonates with me and that feels…’true’.

For some reason, my encounters with sculpture always feel like an event. I never think about going to see or search for it but it always finds me somehow. And maybe that’s the trick, that’s what makes me end up feeling like a child in front of them, one that cannot stop starring and really needs to touch.

I once came across a gallery in Amsterdam and saw these sculptures of piglets. They were made of metal and there was something honest and there was something tender and eccentric about them. Art meets piglets – sounds like my kind of thing. But I was a student and didn’t have that kind of money. Nor do I now have it now actually, no money and no ‘suitable house’. So I just stay a distant lover. But one day it’s going to be all wide space, exotic garden and expensive animal sculptures everywhere, I know that.

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