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Photos from within 1000 meters from my home: a photo project looking at ‘the familiar’ with new eyes

There are thousand of details in our close environment, thousands of things happening every time we walk out our house. But most of them we no longer notice, because they seem to common and everything is just too familiar. We take the familiar for granted and no longer pay attention. We look for the new and the exciting and in this way we often miss the stories and the beauty of the space we live in.

Romanian photographer Andrei Baciu captures all that familiar in his R1000 project. Photos from within 1000 meters from my home. The photos are touching and they are a reminder to be present and mindful towards all things happening around us.

artlimited_img444503© Andrei Baciu

artlimited_img444523© Andrei Baciu

artlimited_img444526© Andrei Baciu

artlimited_img444529© Andrei Baciu

artlimited_img444532© Andrei Baciu

artlimited_img444533© Andrei Baciu

artlimited_img444537© Andrei Baciu

artlimited_img444538© Andrei Baciu

artlimited_img444539© Andrei Baciu

artlimited_img444541© Andrei Baciu

artlimited_img444543© Andrei Baciu

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