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Poland Flavour in Images – The Work of Tomasz Wiech

Tomasz Wiech just made my day. “Poland is a country of endless Carnival and great disappointment. The Carnival is obvious, and the disappointment is explicable, because things were expected to be different” he said. And I have the feeling I know what he means.

His photos and his quote from this New York Times – Lens article, reminded me of that part of Europe, its particular flavour and visuals. And also reminded me of a friend of mine who, some time ago told me that as you cross Austria going East, women and life are nothing you have been used to in the West. I tend to forget that.

I think Tomasz Wiech manages to capture a certain feeling that takes a good eye and a big heart to capture in photos.

If interested, you can get a copy of his photo book ‘Poland. In Search for Diamonds’ on his personal blog.


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