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No place to call home: the sadness of animals in the zoo

I’m one of those people who jumps over the ‘not allowed’ fences in the zoo, pets the zebras and sometimes feeds biscuits to the bears. And now I’m one of the people who’s heart is broken, and who is not sure whether she should jump more fences or less or push them all down. Toni Amengual‘s photo series called Necrofilia I portrays the sadness of animals who got this awkward job that they never asked for, that is to be in a confined space for entertainment and observational purposes. But living in captivity impacts their psychological well-being. And facing this reality is not entertaining at all.

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The best milkmaid and the best welder: portrayals of state and local prize winners in Belarus

Belarus is one of those places in which the smell and the air of the Soviet Union is still alive, safe and sound. And Rafal Milach‘s photo series portraying Belarusian winners of the most ridiculous prizes you can imagine, is the perfect example of that. As you can see, the regime awards the working class and the people supporting the regime. More important: it awards the loyal and the good citizen all around the country, in kolkhozes, schools, nightclubs and village discos. The winners receive a state diploma which must be a great status boost in a country in which facade and prestige mean the world.

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Beauty from above: the aerial photos of Kacper Kowalski

Kacper Kowalski is my new discovery. Reminding of Edward Burtynsky’s Watermark and Manufactured Landscapes, Kowalski’s photos are an eye-candy and a reminder of the beauty we inhabit. Polish and also some sort of wonder-man, Kowalski is an architect, a designer, a pilot and a photographer, all in one. And he’s the living proof that nothing is lost when you switch from one profession to another. His love for architecture and design is reflected in these almost too good to be true aerial photos he takes.

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