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Soviet Cats: Some Irony and Lots of Surprising Kitsch

I was doing some research for a story, and accidentally found this series of soviet cats illustrations. I didn’t find the author or the idea behind them – if anyone know who he or she is, please get in touch – but the kitsch of it is captivating, so take a look.

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So many stories: the magic of Alexander Jansson’s illustrated world

I cannot believe I found these only now! Where have they been hiding? It seems that every time I’m having a greyish Dutch day, I find something magical to get me out of the gloominess. Last time it was Leszek Kostuj and his surreal paintings. Now it is Alexander Jansson, this wizard from Sweden who does all sorts of mixed media illustration, 2D/3D stuff and other tricks. His work managed to completely change my day. Have a look. You really have to. It’s all magic.

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Federico Babina’s illustrations: what if some of the most famous art would mix with architecture?

The only artist I know who painted and projected buildings is F. Hundertwasser. I guess there are others, but probably not many. For the majority of artists we can only imagine what their art translated into a building design would look like.

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What are you made of? (surprising portraits of people you know)

This is for all the moms out there who tell their kids not to play with food. Nor open drawers. Nor go through boxes, make their hands dirty and make a mess on the floor.

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The unexpected faces of Alice in Wonderland

When Alice in Wonderland was first published (written by Lewis Carroll,his real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, but who could remember such a name?!) it received little, very little attention. Actually, the reviewers appreciated more the illustrations (by John Tenniel) than the story itself. That was 1866.

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Matte Stephens. I discovered his work recently and tried to find out who he was. His prints reminded me of Saul Bass and Henriā€™s Walk to Paris. He (Matte Stephens I mean) is a painter from Portland, Oregon. He paints with gouache and has a cat named Simon. What he can make you can see below:

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