Passepartout is all about documentaries and visual stuff I find worth seeing.

Le Louvre et ses visiteurs

They don’t make them like this anymore! I recently discovered these photos taken in the ’60s by famous and wonderful Alecio de Andrade. Worth seeing the entire collection.

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The Orvillecopter!

I’m not sure how I feel about this, but I’m so surprised that I have to post it.
The story is like this: Bart Jansen had a tomcat. His name was Orville. Orville was ran over by a car. So he became the Orvillecopter.
Bart didn’t say good-bye to Orville and transformed him into this art/kitsch/tech/i don’t know what piece that was recently presented at the KunstRAI art fair.

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Not just a room with a balcony: Rudi Hurlzmeier

Do you know Adolph Menzel? I don’t mean personally, he died in 1905, but do you know his work?

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The Earth is not flat

“If everybody could do this once, it would completely change the face of global politics, religion, education, everything…” says James May upon his return from this amazing once in a lifetime (or maybe not) trip.

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The land of pigs and bunnies with truly unexpected behaviors: the surprising art of Michael Sowa

Michael Sowa paintings are absurd. Surreal. Astonishing and captivating. And funny. All together. I discovered him accidentally. That kind of accident when you discovered something that made your eyes become bigger for a moment or two. And then your heart beats a bit faster. Read more…


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